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I was looking on Facebook today and saw a friends post about her sweet little girls little sayings. It brought back such memories of my Bella. Since I am stuck here in this house, wanting to be at the beach or better yet AT THE GYM!!! I figured WHY NOT look at some of those precious posts that have some of her little sayings in them and scrapbook pages. I know My mom would love them. Since this weekend I know she would like some smiles! <3 heart you big, mama. Miss you everyday Daddy. These are from your Bella bug. enjoy.

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what is cuter than little feet in flip flops that just happen to be on the wrong feet? The reply I got when I told Bella her flips flops were on the wrong feet. THe conversation went something like this: Mommy: Bella do you know you have your flips flops on the wrong feet? Bella: Huh? Fwip Fwops on wong peet? Mommy: Yeah your flip flops are on the wrong feet. Bella::: looking COMPLETELY ANNOYED:: ugh ughnnn fwip fwops on Bedda’s peet!!!!

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I heard someone make a comment not so long ago about change. They said no one ever really changes.  They just do something different temporarily then go back to how they were when they get bored with it.

I will tell you this struck me as offensive at first. Non positive and REALLY not supportive when we were discussing how some people were making so many wonderful changes in their lives for the better. I didn’t say anything, just basically let it go and went my merry way.

The more I got to thinking about it. I mean really thinking about it. It is true. I know you are probably not happy with me for saying this but…

People do not really change. There are lyrics and proverbs about it through out history with warnings on how to be cautious of a changed person.   NOW….Before you get all up in the air with me.. Please let me finish. 

There is a difference between change.. and growth.. and someone that has made progressive results in their life through learning from past mistakes to not do that again.  Can  they fall off the wagon or can it happen again sure it can. 

Some people make mistakes over and over and over before really learning the lesson that is at stake. Sometimes it takes hitting the bottom of the barrel, others it is just the fear of hitting it that makes them grow into the next level of what they need to be doing. 

I personally believe that no one can grow or make everlasting differences in their life without the help of our lord and savior. You can try to do it on your own but you will keep making the same mistakes, ending up in the same places.  The saying IF YOU WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT IN YOUR LIFE YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT TO GET THERE. Is one I hold close as a mantra of sorts. 

Have you ever looked at yourself from an outside angle? REALLY looked? not just at your outward physique? not at your clothes or how your hair is fixed. Look at your life. How you represent your family, Do you want your children to do what you do? everything. The things you do behind closed doors that no one (you think) sees? 

We always want better for our children. We want a better education, better health, a better life than we had.  So in order for our children to have this we must be able to show them  what better looks like. HOW?

By being the example.  IF you want your child active in church and church activities. YOU need to be going to church and be involved in church activities.

How many of you seen someone just yelling and screaming at a store clerk with their child standing there. Then later see that child get into a fight then them punish that child extensively and not understand why their child acts the way they do? (maybe they need  to do something different?)

Getting involved in their school. You want your child to make better grades? Then get involved with what they are doing at school and with their class. KNOW what homework they bring home check it.. make sure they know it. Talk to their teachers.

You want your child to be healthy and eat healthy foods. Guess what. DON’T take them out for fast food all the time. Eat at home. COOK good nutritious healthy foods for them and YOU EAT them as well. BE THE EXAMPLE.

Let them see you read the bible better yet have a daily devotion time as a family. 

Doing these things and more getting into a schedule a routine is just like anything else. IT BECOMES HABIT. You can make habit of bad things just like good things.  YES I do believe people can change. Do I believe they can change back? Yes I do. That is why I feel it important to be around others that have the same goals and want the same things you do.

IF they are going to not support you, speak positive, if they are going to take everything you say as criticism and be ugly Then why are you wanting to be around them in the first place?

You are wanting your life and your family to succeed and be better so don’t spend time in the places or around the people that were causing you issues in the first place. that is setting yourself up for disaster and failure. You can’t move forward if you are looking backwards. 

Sometimes it takes giant steps in the right direction to get you on the path you want to be on.  God will show you the right way to go. He only wants you to be willing. That is all. He will handle the rest.  It is like with any challenge you may slip but get right back up and continue do not say oh well that blew it and just lay there.  That is not how God works. It is not how growth works. Sometimes you have to trim your branches to make the most fruitful part of your tree bloom. 

So think about your life and how things are going.  Maybe it is time to spend more time with an open bible and on your knees in prayer and thinking positive handing things over to God instead of letting the little things become HUGE messes and spreading them around instead of letting him just contain them and make them go away. We have to get over ourselves in order to do that. Be willing to give up our selfish pride and just say ok here it is lord I have no clue what I am doing… grow me. You will be amazed at what all things can REALLY CHANGE. 

I am not saying I am perfect by any means and this is not to give that impression. This has been on my heart ever since I heard this in a conversation and I wondered how many others maybe thought this way.  Our pastor touched on this in several sermons. I really absorbed it.  We have been growing and doing things different.  Belittling others and saying it is no use that no one changes is not something I look at or will ever accept.  We have so little time on this earth I know the reason we are here. You need to find out why you are here.  EVERYONE HAS A PURPOSE. God does not make mistakes.  There is no reason to waste your life with negativity and nonsense.  There is such a life of love waiting. If you just listen to him. 



Since the first of the year we have had all kinds of struggles to say the least. Multiple Sclerosis is that ugly little critter we keep hidden in the basement. WE KNOW it is there and can raise its ugly mischievous head at any time. Because of it, Viruses and such are so much easier to just knock me down sadly. I had done SO good. 2013 had been a GREAT year. 2014 started out EHHH kinda yuck. Some wicked stomach bug attacked me like kryptonite to superman. IT WOULD NOT LET GO. THEN because of the fever and Viral infection (Cue psycho music) out came shingles. NO I wasn’t upset about stuff. well some stuff, it was mainly the infection that caused it. SO I have been in my house back like the old days since January. A good reminder of how things were.

NO Driving No gym (can do a little at home but mostly stretching blah) … No going out into the world hanging out with friends… No church activities.. NO CHURCH much. I did get to go one Sunday before she shingles started then wham… out again. I do listen to it online but it just is not the same as getting to participate. I love our church so much. I had been feeling like A NORMAL person again. Like before. How quick the lord can remind us that we need to be ourselves and not try to be something we are not! And we all definitely know I AM FAR from normal.
HEY… I heard all the AMEN’S. YOU DID not have to agree so quickly to that! <grin>

SO what exactly have I been doing? I knew you all were sitting on the edge of your chair just wondering and just pacing the floor in angst waiting to find out. WHAT has Nancy BEEN DOING.

I have been scrapbooking.. yeah I know.
I have been doing the 2012 photos of our Disney trip which have really been bringing back good and also some sad memories. Most are wonderful but also make me miss Ma.
I have laughed so much but also shed so many tears. I have sooooo many photos to scrap.
I have joined a challenge group for February called L.O.A.D. (layout a day)
Where you do a challenge layout a day. I have done this before and it is soo fun. I have really been getting things done. I have 22 ish pages done so far. (some of them I did BEFORE I started this challenge group)
I wanted to share some of them with you. (I KNOW you cannot wait)  

These are phone photos so … (hey I have had shingles be nice!)




(I did these before LOAD)




The silver circle things… those are wishes that Fairy Godmother gave us.


This was from a sketch I found on pinterest



first page in our Disney album



another sketch



photo of this layout didnt turn out so great (night time in my kitchen)


Bella didn’t like this page.. she said it was boring.. and that I COULD DO BETTER. ha I will remember that dear child.


Whispering Canyon (our favorite place to eat)


Photos out and about around Wilderness Lodge where we Stayed. 

I have since I am feeling better, but still couldn’t quite get out yet, have started cleaning out, organizing, donating, and rearranging in my crafts and art space. I found lots of pages I made from when Bella was a baby.

I have learned some important things.

1. USE GOOD ADHESIVE. When I started I used glue sticks and whatever adhesive was cheapest. Those pages are now falling apart, missing letters, and I am now reattaching things and missing things off of them that I cannot find.

2. EVEN THOUGH alphabet letters have adhesive on the back of them.. GLUE THEM DOWN ANYWAY. Especially things like self adhesive chipboard letters or embellishments. I have so many that are missing that there is no way I can match them again. Some of these are 8 and 9 years old. I will just photo them and pray someone has hoarded the few letters I need and pray they will share. MOST scrappers are nice that way :)

3. KEEP YOUR FINISHED PAGES IN SCRAPBOOKS WITH PAGE PROTECTORS (that way if the embellies fall off you have a good chance they will fall off into the page protector!!) although I did on some of these but they were put back upside down and fell out of the page protectors…sigh.

4. KEEP RELIABLE glue and or adhesive YOU KNOW  is reliable and dries quickly at hand so when you look through your albums. You can make quick repairs. DO NOT put it off till later. YOU WILL FORGET and then the letters will be lost. (yeah it happened)

5. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ALBUMS for your pages at least put them in page protectors and put them in a safe place. I found a STACK of layouts (yes at least 20) that were a couple years old in a shelf. just stacked up there.  YA NOT GOOD. buttons had come off the edges were bent up. I was NOT happy. 

I AM SURE there are many more tips you all have learned that you could add to this. FEEL FREE to add them in the comments. Things you have learned over you’re years of scrapbooking. Care wear and tear of pages, mini albums etc.  I welcome your advice. 

I am sure we have some new crafters or even those that have been doing it a while that may learn something. 



How many of you (show me your hands) have say frizzy, curly, out of control hair that just will not co operate? (ME ME ME) Especially when it is lets see, Raining, Humid, sunny and hot, Cold and windy or just a pretty day. I go through product and straightening and then fixing to make my hair look this… way ::sigh:: But some days it just with its own mind does great. Well, I am sure there are a hand full of you right now that are thinking ” OH I HAVE A PRODUCT I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT. IT WORKS SOOOOO GOOOD for me. I have used it for x many years and your hair cannot be any worse than mine. I live in So and so and it is more humid than Rats fighting in a flour sack in the Alabama summer. It will make your hair awesome”
Me and Johnn Nov
Well, I have some great product I use in my hair and It is ok. That is not what this is about actually. I used that to get your attention. It is an analogy. A comparison to help you understand what I am about to tell you.

I know most of you that read my blog know me pretty well or have read my blog and feel you may.
You know I have Multiple Sclerosis along with a laundry list of other issues. NO I am not trying to sell you anything. So rest easy.
We have had so many things happen in our lives the last few years. Tragedies. I was angry. Hurt. Angry. IN PAIN.

Now If you (back to the hair analogy) have a wonderful product that works awesome for your hair.. or that gets rid of your pain. You want to share it with everyone right? You tell everyone you know to go out and get this. You even face book it. You send out coupons and send samples etc.

Well I found what works for me. I worked so hard. harder than I ever worked at anything in my life. It wasn’t easy. With Clean diet and Exercise. I resisted it in a lot of areas I fought it on and off I was grouchy and mean. BUT.. I did it.
I still do it. Am Doing it.

workin out
We found a Church and rededicated our lives to Jesus and mission work to helping others through him. We are doing it not just saying it.
We see a difference in our lives. We are happier. We love more. We want to do more for others. we want less for ourselves. We listen to only Christian music now. yeah we still go places that have regular music and we are not cult members so just stop it.
Last time I checked being in a Baptist Missionary church WAS NOT A CULT. we are praying for you.
The thing is. We now want better for our daughter and ourselves. We don’t think like we used to. We don’t see things like before. I am not saying we are perfect so don’t even start. I am not thumping a bible at anyone. I am working through a lot of things. Things I would have NEVERRRRR considered in a million years. but probably not what you think.
Between me and The lord.
As it should be.
I feel better though. I am not saying because I am going to church and doing this that I don’t hurt physically as much. I think it has more with the clean eating and exercise and I do feel more joy through Jesus.
Doing Mission work through the church makes me feel better.
When I don’t feel good I don’t have to do it.
It isnt a mandatory thing but something I feel is wonderful and maybe something I am meant to do.
Who knows I may can use my talents with someday.
It is important to get involved.

We feel at home and we love our church we feel at home we feel a part of it.
So I want to pass it along because we have found something awesome. Something Wonderful here in Mobile. An amazing place that has A great message. They honestly have Jesus and I firmly Believe that God Speaks through Pastor Bret.
I have never seen a Pastor that will stop his sermon and say I have to say this someone needs this and he will say a statement and IT NEVER FAILS It will be something that will make John and I both stop just almost breathing for a second. IT will be something we had been praying about or talking about the days before or discussing how will we deal with this situation and what are we going to do to take care of this and such. AND IT NEVERRRRRRRRRR EVER FAILS. HE will IN MID SERMON STOPPPP AND SAY. I just have to let someone know GOD HEARS YOU AND What you have been praying about IT isn
t as bad as you think it is. Or You need to look to the original truth on the situation. AND THERE IS NO WAY he would know. NO WAY. we would just look at each other and then back at him. Thinking OK you are freaking us out. Because ONLY GOD could have said that.
IM not kidding. It has happened several times during his sermons. SO NOW YOU KNOW why we are firm believers in this church.
God is in this church.
The ministry they do, The out reach they do is nothing like I have ever seen. This is the first Christmas Eve we have spent doing something other than for ourselves. I’m not gonna say what. It isn’t about us. But just know I think It Blessed us as much as it did what we participated in. It will be remembered forever.

SO This product works… it isn’t new. BUT IT IS AMAZING. It blesses your soul it works wonders for your life. It is FREE for the taking. All you have to do is take it. It is Jesus. I KNOW he is at Dayspring Baptist Church. Without a Doubt.
I have seen him. I would be honored if you are in Mobile Alabama to join us there.
You need to try him. You won’t regret it. IT is the best thing I have ever in my life tried and guess what… ITS A LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!
Dunno about you but I have never been more happy in my life. I also will get to see my family again someday. I am no longer afraid of dying. I know where I will be.

John 3 16
For God so loved the world that he gave his forgotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but will have eternal life.

OK , Yeah I know. It has been some time.  I have been mostly posting on face book and neglecting my blog. Everyone is a critic.  yeah yeah. We have been passing ourselves in the hall it seems we have been going so much. If we aren’t going it seems someone has had some sort of fluish cold or stomachy viral complaint. Thank you lord for lysol.  

The last post I put on here was for a cilantro dip that we took to a Sunday School party and fortunately <evil grin> I have photos from that occasion I just found on my camera. Ya know if you clear that card off occasionally you find all kinda neat things on there!! I have gotten spoiled by the convenience of using my phone and not using my camera so much anymore. I FORGET to upload my photos from the card. Just have to make ourselves do that sometimes and enjoy those memories and moments. We had so much fun and fellowship with our friends from church at the home of Patrick and Tesa that night. We solved many of  the world issues over such confections like Wendy’s amazing Salsa, and some enchiladas someone ruined my healthy diet plan with (CYNDI) but thats ok I prepared to be tempted and partake. (they were good that half of one I inhaled I have fond memories of it.) 

Look we took a picture so I could relive that moment I had no had mexican food in so long! 


You see that jar on the end? THAT is Wendy’s home made FAMOUS salsa. She will make you some (for a small fee!) and it is worth it. Lemme know I can get you in touch with her. ITS GOOD STUFF!


Remember our Babysitter Nathalie… Ya we love her just a little bit hahahaha. She is so funny.

I have really come to love these ladies in this group. They have prayed with us and shared with us. Celebrated with us as well as wiped tears.

They are helping us to be stronger in areas that we need help to be better through Jesus, as well as see where we can improve lovingly,


teaching each other through bible study,  prayer and seeking God’s wisdom. We love this church and are so grateful for this family we have come to be a part of. It isn’t a church that just meets,  sings, sits for an hour then goes on its way.




You get involved, EVERY SINGLE DAY they are DOING work. They have created so many mission opportunities HERE in our community as well surrounding us all the way around every direction, even other countries. It is like no other church I have ever seen. They are very mission oriented. It is all about DOING and BEING a Christian.  If you don’t have an opportunity to help someone or can’t find a way to help someone here, It is your own fault because they have lists every sunday in the bulletin a LONG list of ways to help,  They are very organized and make YOU WANT to be a part of it. 

We just had our Fall Festival. We in years past have been going to the fall festivals here but never attended the church.  I have to tell you This year was the best ever. It is always huge.  They do this as a big part of the community and they want everyone to have a good time.


They had an 80′s band. did you hear me AN 80′S BAND!!!  LOVED IT!!!  

I think that was my favorite part! Ok The Auburn game playing in the tent rocked also but THEY HAD AN 80′s BAND. It closed out playing TOM SAWYER. SERIOUSLY!  (some were our church band members ya!)    NO ugly words or anything just good music and clean fun. 



The Azalea Trail Maids were there. Bella has always called them “The Princesses”



My scared of heights child climbing the rock wall! GO BELLA!!! Ya we have a rock wall in “The Shack” lots of stuff for the kids.







My Three Girlies. Eva Caroline Bella and Olivia.







Eva Caroline like a spider Monkey up that rock wall.













They had so much fun





The school band would just walk around playing at random was so cool. We had a Band stand where The bands preformed also. Was great. There was a petting zoo, pony rides, Hay rides, a video game section set up for the gamers, Tent for the auburn and the alabama games, all kinds of food and a BUNCH of different blow up slides and games, cake walks and different things. Was a lot of fun.


Before the Fall Festival we had our annual Neighbor hood Halloween Party at Tara and Gregs house. 

(I am Catching yall up told ya we had been busy)

Here are some photos:



YES Charley went Trick or Treating to a couple houses right around ours with Bella.



Charley photo bomb haha














IT was a fun Exhausting night as well.

She has had several big projects at School.  She is doing really good.  









TODAY… Is my Awesome hubbys Birthday :)

We took this photo last night on our way to church. Thank you Bella bug for taking it. Happy Birthday hubby I love you more than ever.  


Here is the recipe for the cilantro Dip we made for today’s Sunday School function. This was just so much easier.

Cilantro Dip:

Bundle of Fresh Cilantro
10 ish Roma Tomatoes
1 green, red and yellow Bell Pepper
1 bunch of Green onion
3/4 purple onion
1 – 3.8 oz cans of sliced black olives (rough chop yourself IMPORTANT)
1 -8 oz bag of cheddar shredded cheese I used mild
1- 8 oz bag of colby Jack shredded Cheese
2 Tablespoons of Italian dressing
Cumin to taste
Tony Chacheres to taste (a shakeor so is fine)
red pepper if your brave (Cayene or chopped up Jalapeno’s if you wanna kick it real like)

Start with a mixer bowl (not the one you will be serving in trust me on this one)
Chop up Roma tomatoes, only seed half. Seed and chop up small: the red, green and yellow Bell pepper. green onions. As well as purple onion.
Add all to the bowl. DON’T STIR. (SAID BOLDLY)
Add your cilantro that you have chopped the leaves NOT USING THE STEMS. (SAID BOLDLY AGAIN)
Roughly chop up your sliced olives NOT TOO SMALL. (they will get mushy if you buy the already diced ones, orrrrrrr cut them all up too small and be all eww said with wrinkly nose)

NOW fold all this together in your bowl till nicely mixed. THEN gently stir in 2 Tblspoons of Italian dressing. DO NOT use 3!!
After it sits it will get mushy.
2 and a half is ok if you and are going to eat it soon. IF it will sit over night in fridge just use 2. Seriously.
FOLD in your cheese don’t over stir it will turn to a batter like mess. Shake in some cumin to taste ( we use about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon) your Tony’s and if you want the remainder seasonings. Cover and fridge it.



Nancy Jones


I ….. HAVE….. HAD….. E N O U G H of T H IS!!!!! It just stinks all the way around. I wake up and there it is… across my forehead like a  dadblasted  flag flying laughing at me doing the fingers in ears wiggling sticking its tongue out laughing going neeeener neeeener YOU AIN’T goin nowwwwheeeere ha ha haaaa ha haaaaaaaaaaa ha!  

I keep feeling like I take one step forward and two steps back. This dance is not on a sawdust dance floor like in my dreamz and I am not in the arms of George Strait by any means.  OH SHUT UP he is young in my dreams and I am over 40 now I can dream about who I want. I have shingles!! BE NICE TO ME. ok at least cordial. 

I cut back on my Valtrex from the “GREAT BIG your gonna die if you don’t Take this dose because you were just on thousand mg steroid iv for a week” dose like it said on the bottle.  3 days later BAM! eyes were starting to feel weird and  little dipper appeared on forehead. Image

kinda looks like a triangle and then a line going to the big bump on the side of my temple tiny  bumps  ya.. it switched sides.  as you can see from my wrinkled brow I AM NOT HAPPY.  (don’t look at the hair or unkept eye brows yes I need to see my hair dresser I have it in my hair too and that is the last thing on my mind right now owww can you imagine ughh can barely stand to brush my hair.)  

So  I THOUGHT I was Sooo much better. THOUGHT I was doing stuff this week for back to school for my girl. THOUGHT I was starting our life back to normal  good heavens they need it she desperately needs it, my husband good lord bless that man he needs it. (thank you honey I am so sorry. I am trying)   Thought I was back at the gym. Thought I was cleaning this disgusting house  I did do a little bit but… nope.  

Today, I sat and did not a thing. I made cards and chilled with my girl. watched movies.  everytime I got up it was “what are you doin where are you going why are you up?”   I do not like this.  I cannot just sit hereeeeeeeeeee anymore. . sooooo….

I made 2 cards. Bella made 11 she would let me take a picture of. But she made a whole slew of them. They are sooooo cuuute and she was so serious about it. 

I will put photos here and let her tell yall all about them. 

Tomorrow more of the same. Doctor (look at my eyes) just because it is so close to my eyes and they went wonky.  They feel gritty and weird (the right one)  but I can see it got scary the other night but it went back away after sleep. That is when the little dipper showed up on forehead. Eye was better though. so  ehhh whats worse? 

I need my hair done. BAD.  probably gonna be another few weeks now after all these dr things. good thing OMBREE is in (aka roooots) 

THIS TOO SHALL PASS. swelling will be gone and it will be written down as another obstacle crossed.   


Could always be worse I mean.. could be the big dipper?

Wish Big